1)        We work less than 10 hours per week. Yes, 10 hours total, and we do that 10 hours in the easiest way possible.

 2)        All we do is hand out information to a small number of people, 5 days per week.

 3)        We never speak to anyone for more than 30 seconds and we have my reasons why.

 4)        We check our e mails and do a few follow ups with those who have contacted us.

 5)        We only take part in a company whose products are internet related, so there are No storing of products in your home, which means,
No asking of others to do that as well. There are
No Quota's to be met. Simply put, the products are there for you to use when you want to, WHY? Because the main reason you are here is for, INCOME. That's were you should be focused, income and the Simple way to achieve Success.

 6)        We Never Join a company for products, WHY? Because products don't pay the bills, Income Does. The products and company here are great, and we mean that. But Income pays your bills. Please remember that.

 7)        We keep it Simple and Inexpensive, WHY? Because we can, and so should you. Simple and Inexpensive is a real good thing.

 8)   While there are those who bitch and moan that it can't be done, these are the same people who bitch and moan about their current job as well. We just sit back and smile because not only can it be done, We are doing it.

 9)  And just so you know, what we did by getting this info to you, was our job, just like we told you.

a Get Rich Quick Gimmick. You need to
work it, be involved, be honest and help
others. Yes, it can be done extremely simple
and Inexpensive. But why mess up a truly
Good and Simple Way to Gain Success.

Anyone can make it difficult. It's those who Gain Success through Simplicity who are the one's that can teach others to make their lives simple and easier as well. There are many people who not only want, but need to keep their life simple in order to make it through their days.
Thank you for coming to our Team Page.

When we say we work hard at keeping it simple we mean just that. Simplicity is the key to bringing you Success. Make sure to read the information on the right hand side of this page.

Imagine this, you hand out some information to folks either through a business card or flyer. On that information is a website for them to go to "a 3 Step Review type website." There are
3 pages to review and each page is about at 60 to 90 second read. It's not very long at all.

It tells them about the Company, their Products and Cost, Just so you know, the cost is only $10.00 per month to be part of the company. You are not being cheated in anyway.

In addition they will read about the 3 Simple Steps that many use to operate their business.

If you read the info that is listed on the right hand side of this page, that info will be there as well, just in greater detail.

Once they are done reviewing those pages, if they make the choice to take it to the next step, they will need to contact you back at the e mail you gave them on your card or flyer. At that point you will e mail them back with your business website to the company.

It could be as simple as you going out, saying hello to someone, handing them some information where once they get home they can review it, make a decision and contact you. At that point you e mail them back with your business website and that is it. You may need to do an e mail here or there and stay in contact with them, but that is OK. Please remember, everything you do will be a teachable moment for them where they will do the same and so on.

On the 3 Step Review for You website that you will go to in order to review everything, there will be No links on the website. So the only way someone can move forward is by contacting the person by e mail who gave them the information. No one can steal your person/people.

Read over the 3 pages and if interested, get back in touch with me. My e mail is listed below and on the top of this page. But please take note, this is so simple a child can do it. Really.

Important Note: Please review the website with your home computer. At times, and we don't know why, phones don't pick up the website.

Thank you for coming to this page and I hope to hear back from you.

Kristina Arocho
America's Simple Mom

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Review 3 Simple Steps Review For You Website on Your Home Computer/ Labtop. For Some Reason It Doesn't Appear on a Phone.