Fabulously Sensational was born out of inspiration for my fabulously sensational daughter, Catalina. At 12 months old, I noticed a distinct mouth structure when she would attempt to say, "mama." Rather then curling her lips inward to initiate the "mmm" sound, she would rest her upper frontal teeth on her bottom lip. Using modeling and video visuals to attempt to correct, something innate told me this was more then merely "showing her the correct way." At 15 months of age, her receptive and expressive speech were tested at that of a 6-9 month-old.

Over the course of the next year, I listened and conversed with many other parents whose children were both like my daughter and were different. I listened, researched, and paid attention to my daughter intently. Behavior changes, motor skill deficits, physical attacks, sleepless nights, and cries for help in conjunction with my research, led me to believe more was happening with her and these changes were the secondary result of something primary being missed. After speech evaluation showing regression and an OT evaluation showing motor skill deficits, attention concerns, and Sensory Processing Dysfunction, we took immediate action in starting her back with Speech therapy and beginning Occupational therapy.

Learning the endless behavioral, physical, emotional, and cognitive results of Sensory Processing Disorder in combination with having numerous conversations with parents and my professional circle of educators, it was clear to me that the awareness something so intriguing and challenging was not there. Many asked me, "What is Sensory Processing Disorder?" or told me my daughter was perfectly fine. An awareness, education, and understanding of this complex disorder would benefit parents, educators, society, and most of all, the kids living through this moment by moment. Fabulously Sensational is aimed at allowing children to read and relate, parents of newly diagnosed children to understand while seasoned parents can feel they are not alone, educators can assist with understanding considering an IEP can't be developed yet solely for Sensory Processing Disorder due to a lack of DSM acknowledgment, and society can learn, appreciate, and be aware of the challenges individuals experience. Fabulously Sensational wants to inspire through education, awareness, and compassion.