She graduated from Paramus Catholic High School where she was a four-year varsity letter winner at Paramus Catholic...She served as team captain during her senior year. She captured a pair of county championships in her junior and senior years...She was also a four-time team Most Valuable Player, earned All-County honors all four years and All-State honors three times...Named to academic honor roll her senior year.

In 2002 she became the first recruit for the FDU Women's Bowling Team.

She received a full 4-year scholarship and in addition, received her Master's Degree from FDU.

She earned NCAA All-Tournament honors, NTCA All American Honors and NCAA All-Conference First Team selection for the NEWCBC. She was named EIBC Rookie of the year, First Team All EIBC and her success in the classroom resulted in Academic All - American honors.

In 2006 Kristina became a National Champion when her team defeated Alabama A & M on ESPN in Dallas, Texas to become the 2006 NCAA Women's National Bowling Champions.

In 2009 she was inducted into the Elmwood Park, NJ Hall of Fame.

In 2010 her Team Jersey # 7 was officially retired and proudly hangs in the FDU Arena.

In 2013 she was inducted into the Greater Paterson Area Hall of Fame

In 2016 she along with her teammates were inducted into the FDU Hall of Fame. "Team Induction"

In 2017 she was inducted for the second time as an individual into the FDU Hall of Fame.

In 2018 Kristina became employed by a new school disitrict. She has been a teacher for the past 11 years.

2020 Kristina started her own marketing promotion to promote an easy way of life so she can become the full time mom she desires to be and to help those who would like to have the same.

It's really simple to understand Kristina. She is a mother, wife, daughter, educator and along the way she became a good bowler that gave her the opportunity to see different parts of the country while getting a free education.

In life things change a person and in Kristina's life she noticed different things that she felt maybe just wasn't the way she wanted to live her life. She listened to people who complained about their lives, their work, their family and yet, they never took the steps to change anything.

She listen to people hand out advice while never really understanding what was taking place because they were never there in the first place.

The more this took place, the more she wanted to step away from it all and it played on her mind greatly. She desperately wanted to change and go down another path so to speak. Sometimes in life you can hear all the negative things, see all the negatives things and yet something must take place to set off that spark to make you want to change.

She loves her family and wanted to find a way to be a full time mom just like so many others want and that was a constant in her mind, day in and day out. Then the so called spark hit which was Covid 19 when she, her husband, mother and father all got the virus. That is when she decided that the change had to come right now and that is when the search started for something else to do in a simple way that could help her change her life and as crazy as this sounds, SHE FOUND IT.

It's Simplicity at it's best and now she wants to share it with others who want peace and calm and a way to step back from it all and bring it down a few notches. That is why this website exists, and that is why she is sharing it with others. It really quite simple, help yourself, while helping others. Never look back but only for the path that waits you. Never be greedy, but be grateful. And stop complaining about the things you do not have and start being thankful for the things you do have. And never forget to thank God for all those things.

When all is said and done, being a mom is a great thing, doing it in a peaceful calm way is even greater.